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Worst-Case timing measurement

for mixed criticality ISO 26262 control units


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Due to the constantly growing number of control units (ECUs), the automotive industry has reacted by combining multiple ECUs into centralized units. Many functions that were previously implemented on individual ECUs are now executed together on one CPU.

This webinar will deal with the challenges and solutions relating to the measurement of time distribution of CPU performance across functions. The focus will be on interference freedom for systems that integrate ISO 26262 ASIL relevant functions with ASIL QM functions. The webinar is based on the results of a joint pre-development project by Volkswagen, OpenSynergy and INCHRON.

It uses a hypervisor as an architectural approach. The real-time behavior and the process chains are modeled, simulated and refined by means of measurements and analyses. The results make it possible to formulate best practices for the measurement of AUTOSAR applications, with and without the use of a hypervisor, and explain how the influence of CAN network communication between ECUs can be accounted for.

We are very pleased to have Armin Stingl, System Engineer of iSYSTEM AG, and Olaf Schmidt, Business Development Manager of INCHRON GmbH, as experts and speakers for the webinar.