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Error-free software is (not) a form of art


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Assuming "The quality should be alright" often enough leads to fatal consequences in software development. Pierre Audoin Consultants’ (PAC) IT analysts revealed in a survey that 51 percent of all participating companies in Europe encounter problems with the quality of running software (4 % always, 10 % often, 39 % sometimes). The ones producing this software are widely aware that software testing is key to their products, but haven’t yet implemented a controlled and transparent way of testing.

In this webinar you will learn how the cooperation of MBTsuite, expecco and Polarion ALM seamlessly automates tasks such as test design, test case generation, test implementation, and test administration.

During a live presentation you will see how to

  • automatically generate executable test cases.
  • automatically execute test cases.
  • get an overview of all results by simply pressing a button.

Join us and become best in class when it comes to test management and test automation.